Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The plan so far

Yesterday was a fun 4th of July, we spent it with John's family in Idaho and had a blast!! They did a ton of work and it made for a great experience!!! Thank you all!!!(John's sisters rented a bouncy house! It was awesome!)
(All the cousins and Aunt Missy, cut some on the side, sorry boys!)
(Mack and our niece Erika)
(Even Mack went down the slide a few times, haha)

(John's brother in law Adam, John, and Missy)

Today John starts his first day of TomoTherapy on his tumor in his pelvic bone. We need to make sure, but he is supposed to be getting 15 treatments done. He will be going to an office in Layton every business day for 15 days. The treatments are short and painless. The side effects should just be fatigue. I keep thinking about when John had his radiation last time(3 years ago), and how he had to get 33 treatments in a row and how it was down in SLC at the Huntsman and how gas was $4.33 a gallon, and how John got so sick that he lost tons of weight and had to get hyrdrated after by the end of it. and how I had been taking Shay to her therapies at that time and I had Roxy who was a one year old. It was hard and crazy busy but we did it!!

Last Friday John had a CT scan and we will find out the results on Wednesday, (tomorrow) if he is feeling well enough and his doctor okay's it, he may get his Avastin treatment that day. Also tomorrow he has to go up to the hospital and get another xray and blood work to make sure everything is going ok after his stay in the hospital. At his appointment with his oncologist tomorrow we plan to talk with the doctor about the results from the lab in California and decide which chemotherapy drugs he wants to try. It's going to be a long day full of doctors and hospitals. Wish us luck!!

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