Saturday, December 18, 2010


On Facebook I keep reading status updates about tests and finals for college students. While all you were taking your tests, John was taking different kinds of tests.

John has been having a very hard time sleeping at night, which causes him to be exhausted during the day. He wakes up several time throughout the night. One morning while I lay there awake I heard John stop breathing a few times during his sleep. So that worried us!

Also John has been saying that his heart hurts, and that it feels weird or different. He says it is hard for him to explain.

He also tells me a lot that his lungs feel like they are burning, we don't know what that means.

It was sad the other day when John woke up to read his morning news it said "If you have any type of lung disease do not go outside at all" because of the inversion down here in Utah. He has to go outside, so I went and bought him a scarf that has seems to be helping the coughing when he comes in from the car.

So at his latest Doctor appointment, we talked about all these things. He wanted him to get a ultrasound of his heart, and a test to take home at night to check his oxygen levels. The test at home they said his oxygen was supposed to be over 90 and we saw it drop a few times under that. So I pray that everything turns out okay.

We will be getting results next week for these tests. They said if his sleep test at home is bad then he will have to go to the hospital for a more detailed test. Also John's next scan wont be until January 12th. Dr. G says that CT Scans can cause cancer later, so he doesn't want John getting too many. So every 4 months from now on.

I wish that the kinds of tests John was taking were finals for college. But I can only wish. We are trying to stay positive and not stress out until we need to.