Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank you! BODYWorX

It just so happened that Roxy's dance class was at this Gym in Farmington. It just so happened that one of the mom's Christa worked at this gym in the daycare. It just so happened that it was only $10 a month to join this gym at that time. Christa talked me into joining this gym and I have been working out for a couple of months. I love this gym, I love the classes, I love the size, I love the people!

Christa is such a kind person, that once she found out about John having cancer, she decided she was going to ask the owner for John to have a free membership at the gym. So a couple of days later she called and let us know that they would indeed give John a free membership! What a great gift she gave, what a wonderful gym to help John out without even meeting him once! I love this gym and I am so grateful for the charity they have shown me! Thank you so much to BodyWorx!!!

Next week

John is going to get a full body scan to make sure that the cancer has not spread anywhere else. Please pray that everything goes okay for him next week! He is pretty nervous and so am I!

Lucky Little Acorn

I bought this little acorn for John at the hospital one day a couple years ago, after his first cancer diagnosis. Maybe if we surround ourselves with lots of acorns he will have a long happy life!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today was John's appointment with the CyberKnife Doctor. He was a super nice doctor and was with us for over an hour. He gave us more information that John's doctor at Huntsman has ever gave us. He showed us John's CT Scan and everything. He said that he would not be able to help John at this time because there are too many small tumors and to treat some and not all of them wouldn't do John any good.

He suggested seeing a Oncology doctor that could look into some Chemo, only because John's cancer may be aggressive and it could be more effective than radiation just in John's case. (Maybe). So next week John has several appointments with several doctors that we are hoping for some type of treatment plan. So the plan right now is to get all the opinions that we can and see what they all have to say.

John has been very positive since we found out about all of this, so if he can do it so can we.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

John's Diet

THE BUDWIG FLAX OIL DIET is into action at our house. John has been keeping up on all of his natural herbs and medicines that we are hoping will help with his cancer. While reading all about his diet, we found out it is almost like a Vegan diet. So no meat, milk, cheese, almost everything that we all love.

So today Roxy and I went on a mission to find some food that John CAN eat. We went to the Good Earth market in Riverdale. and then off to Walmart to compare the prices of the organic food there. The conclusion is that Good Earth is a lot more expensive, but they have more of a variety. It is worth it for him to have what he needs to get better.

As long as John is trying everything he can and not giving up that is all he can do. Tomorrow he has the appointment for the CyberKnife. We will see what they say and I will write about it tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your love, support, thoughts, and pray

Monday, January 18, 2010

Second Diagnosis

On January 6th 2010, John and I woke up to our worst nightmare! Right before Christmas John was complaining about a pain in the left side of his neck. So I called the Hunstman's to get him in right away for a MRI. He has been getting those regularly to scan for any signs of his cancer coming back.

Before this year everything has been fine since his last treatments in 2008. So he went in for his results on Monday the 4th of Jan. and asked the doctor what happened with his results from his xrays they got in October. When John was first diagnosed in Sept 2007 the Doctor said that Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma could spread to his lungs later on in his life, but that he would take care of him. So when John asked about his xrays in Jan he said oh well lets get you a CT Scan to take a closer look. So on Tuesday John had the Scan.

The next day his Doctor called me and said that John has lung cancer but that he needs a biopsy to find out what kind. John has 5 cm size tumors on each lung and a 50 cent piece size tumor on his left lung. So John got a biopsy on Thursday Jan. 14th.

His doctor called us and let us know on Saturday that John's cancer has metastasized into his lungs. Which means that the cancer that he had before is now in his lungs. So John does not have lung cancer he has stage 4B Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in his lungs. Also the Doctor told John there is nothing that they could do for him.

Chemo does not work for
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, they can't operate on his lungs, and radiation may still be an option for him, but for right now we are not sure.

He has been taking some herbs that we hope may help, but we are not even sure how fast the tumors are growing.
Today he made several appointments with other doctors to get some more opinions. If we find out that nobody can help him here, we are going to go to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Arizona or Washington to get some help from them as a last resort!

We are hoping for a miracle right now, and the only word I can think of right now is terrified. I hate that he has to go throu
gh this again. I know God has his plans, but sometimes I don't like them.
Please pray for John and if you talk to him just let him know how much you love him and care about him. It's coming up on our 6th anniversary on February 2nd. So we are just trying to stay positive and enjoy our time together. I love this guy more than anyone and I can't imagine my life without him.