Friday, July 1, 2011

How great thou art!!!!!

Over these past few months I have continued to be amazed at all the acts of kindness and service that has been shown to my family and I!
First John's friends from work did a fund raiser for us to go on a family vacation. His friend Greg ordered these cool rubber bracelets that say "Casper against Cancer" They are blue for John's sports teams Yankees and Giants. He surprised us one day, by calling us to meet him on his lunch and handed John an envelope through our car windows. (hopefully no police were watching) They want us to go on a trip with the money. Thank you Greg and family and Tyson and everyone at Comcast who donated!!
Then another friend from John's work gave us a voucher for a discount stay at a hotel in California. Thanks to you!!!

Also John's sister set up a donation link on a website for him. To help with medical bills. Thanks Jenny.

When John decided to try all that natural stuff, our families really pulled it off to help us out to be able to afford all of it! It was a nice reminder of how important family is and how they will do anything for us! We love you all and appreciate everything you have done for us!!!

John's Dad's cousin Tami helped us out by giving John the information about the tumor testing place in California, she may have helped to save John's life. Let's pray it works!! Which I will blog about later, we got some results from there, but waiting to see which kind of chemo his oncologist wants him to take. Also Tami's mother send a wonderful card and check for John!

I have some pretty amazing friends down here in Utah who secretly set up a fund raiser for us to go on a trip as well. I figured it out right after because I am not good with secrets that they had done a yard sale in our neighborhood. (thanks Nancy for letting them use your yard!) I heard it was really wonderful all the people who came and helped and who donated items and donated money. I wish I could have been there to personally thank every single person. Also they set up a bank account for people just to donate. So last night a bunch of people from the neighborhood showed up on our lawn with a huge check, (literally a huge check with Yankees background, thanks Kimble!) a huge bouquet of balloons, a large card signed by lots of people, (so cute, thanks Kirstan) and smiles on their faces!! I felt really special and loved by all of them! I feel so blessed to be in such a wonderful ward and to have such special people around me at this time is very overwhelming!! Thank you all so much, I don't even know what to say! I love you all!!!!! Another post is soon to come with our vacation details. :) Oh ya, and I almost cried but didn't want to look like a big baby!! haha I couln't stop smiling!!! I know John was excited too!! Shay loves the balloons.

My neighbors brother works for a radio station here in Utah. 104.7 the Zone!! He produces and has a show too. How cool is that! It's a sports talk station, who doesn't love sports?? So my friend Kirstan and him it up for him to mention John's blog on his radio station. So one day a few weeks ago him and a few people stopped by my house to drop off a generous check from some gentleman who drove to the radio station to deliver the check. He didn't want to put his credit card online, which is understandable. What a sweet man, a stranger to do this for our family! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! and a shout out to Will Smith for mentioning John and his blog!! (radio style) Seriously, thank you! It means more than you know!!!

I have a neighbor behind me that is an angel!! Well she and I had planned to do this joy school with her little girl, for Roxy and some other moms in the area. So how it works is we take turns teaching the kids. So if there were 5 kids I would take a turn every 5 weeks. Well I was very stressed about Roxy's preschool this year for some reason and I kept worrying about it because I don't want her to be bored while I work. So I had plans to put her in an LDS preschool 3 days a week here in Kaysville, and then do the Joy school with the ward. So after we heard news about John, I decided that we couldn't afford the LDS preschool, which is fine, and that I wouldn't have the time to do the Joy school, because I just don't know what the future holds. I felt horrible to tell my friend that Roxy wouldn't be able to join the class. I called her and apologized and she was so nice and said she understood. So the next day she called me up and told me that she talked with the other Moms and they all decided that they wanted Roxy to be in the class still but I didn't have to worry about taking a turn teaching. I told her I would feel bad not helping out! But she was persistant at calling me and letting me know that they wanted to do it to help us and that they just love Roxy. :) What a sweetheart she is, and all the other Moms too!! Also she called me the other day and told me that her husband knew a way to get us free tickets to Disney Land. He stopped by and told me that it was all set up and that we were getting two days if we would like. It's amazing!!! You two are so nice and wonderful examples to me! Thank you both!!! We love you!!! We can't wait for both!!!

Last Saturday our Bishop and his family came over and did all our yard work for us! They planted some beautiful flowers and put mulching in all the flower beds. It's beautiful!! They acted like it wasn't a big deal, but it was a huge deal because I wasn't excited to mow the lawn. I made my sister do it last time! hahahaha Thanks Bishop and family and thanks to Brynne too! So thankful them!!

The ward has been such a great help. What a blessing it is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They have been brining us meals in. There has been so many people calling me to offer to babysit and help us out in any way! I cannot express the graditude I feel for all the kind people who are helping, have helped, and will help in the future!! Thanks so much Kaysville 1st Ward!!!!!!

I have some amazing friends who have helped out tremendoulsy by helping me out with my girls. We don't have family close by us and so I have to rely on my good friends to help me when John has appointments or whatever. I know they are all busy and they have their own things going on. So I want them to know how much I appreciate every single time!!! Also I want to thank everyone who has offered to babysit as well. it's been so overwhelming all the people who want to help!! Love you all!!!

We have these neighbors who are so nice. They are this cutest old couple and they live in the cutest little house and they take such good care of us!! They are always calling to check on us and always offering to help in any way. I just love them and I love how they make me want to be better. They are wonderful people and I wanted them to know that!!!! Thank you two for all your love and support!!! I hope we always have such amazing neighbors as you!!

I am just feeling very blessed and loved by all of you. I keeping thinking how I hate cancer and what it is doing to John, but how lucky we have been to have experienced all this greatness!!!! Thank you again to all!!!!! Oh ya thanks to everyone who came to see John at the hospital!! I gotta stop now, I could go on and on........... This is all the recent things that have happened to us. It has been years of people doing amazing thing to help!!!

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I am always happy to help..the blessings go both ways! I love the Casper Family!