Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Trip

John only has one more TomoTherapy radiation treatment and the tumor in his pelvic bone should be gone. Not sure when they will be doing a CT to check it. I started working full time so right after work I would take John to his appointment. We were busy for a bit, but my Mom was here to help for a lot of time. She helped a TON! So glad she could come down here from WA and spend some time with us too!
We cannot wait to go on our trip. We are so excited to get away from all the stresses that have been in our lives for a long while. Although some people were discouraging about it, we made a decision to have John wait to do his chemo after our trip. If they only knew the tortures of chemo they would understand. I am happy with our decision and complete fine with putting off John getting very sick from chemo for a few more weeks. I am not looking forward to those days, and I am so thankful for the opportunity others have given us to have some fun together!
So we are leaving on the 4th of August, we will be heading to Pocatello after I get off work to take Mack (our dog) to the in laws. Waking up early the next day we are going to drive to WA, to see my family, stopping to see my brother Paul and his family, and then toward Seattle area to see my Mom and Sister and her kids. My Mom and I planned a few things while she was here, so I know it will be fun. I am excited to go up there, John and I lived up by Tacoma when we were first married. I loved it there! I can't wait to see the beautiful green trees again!! Maybe we will drive by our old apartment. :)
After that we are going to drive down to CA, stopping in Sacramento to split the trip into two days. I don't feel like putting ourselves through that much sitting in the car together. If you met my children you would know why. They hate each other only in the car for some reason. haha
I have a few things planned for us to do once we get down to Anaheim. We are going to go to the Aquarium down there, Disney Land for two days, we are going to eat Breakfast with Mini and friends, and Roxy really wants to be turned into a Princess. She wants to go to Pixie Hollow to meet Tinkerbell. I think we will find lots of things to do there. The girls are excited about that part! We are going to go to a beach of course. Roxy keeps telling us how she wants to see the ocean. I am sure we will find lots of other fun things to do once we get down there. Can't wait!
Once done in Cali, we are heading up to Henderson, NV to see John's Dad and more family. We are looking for shows for John and I to go on a date downtown while we are there. I am trying to talk him into going to Chippendale's, but we will see. We are going to head downtown with the girls one day too, they love it there. Probably go see the dolphins again and go to the arcade at Circus Circus, maybe the M&M casino, I have never even been there! I just glad we will have time to do lots of fun stuff on this trip.
It's going to be weird not working for almost 2 weeks, and not going to doctor appointments and not cleaning my house! But it WILL be fun!
Thanks to everyone for making it possible for us!


Shella's Ramblings said...

I'm glad you are going on the'll be making great memories.

Amber said...

hope you had a great time!!